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Boost the value and income of your practice, year after year — and spend less time dealing with unpaid claims

Improved retention of existing patients

Improved retention of existing patients

Your patients become long-term customers (members) of your practice, returning for regular trusted care.

Predictable revenue stream

Predictable revenue stream

Your members pay an affordable monthly fee that your business can count on, month after month, for stable revenue and more consistent business.

No insurance reimbursement headaches

No insurance
reimbursement headaches

Your members will be your customers — not customers of an insurance company. You will not need to fill out any insurance forms, to get paid for the care you provide.

Higher sale price for dental practice

Higher sale price for dental practice

When the time comes to sell your practice, you will have a demonstrable steady income, month after month. This is a win-win-win, for you, your buyers, and your patients.

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Customize the membership plans you'd like to offer, based on your own standard fees

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Invite new and existing patients to your membership plan

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Enjoy your automated, stress-free revenue stream

Automated stree-free revenue streem
Frequently Asked Questions

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An in-house membership program consists of a set of plans that you determine and offer patients. This often includes patients’ preventive care for a monthly or yearly fee. When patients subscribe, they benefit from self-pay discounts, specified by you. For your dental practice, this means revenue security and higher patient retention.
With Cloud Plans, determine your own membership plans and pricing. Set up your free account in minutes and eliminate the need for dental insurance. Begin enrolling unlimited members, and enjoy an automated stress-free revenue stream.
Did you know the average practice loses 15% of their patients every year? By offering your own automated plans, you’re creating member mentality and increasing patient loyalty. Members visit 2-3 times more per year than the uninsured. Members accept 2 times the amount of treatment than the uninsured.
Your dental practice will become more profitable by increasing the lifetime value of your patients. With insurers keeping an average of 40% of patient payments and reimbursement rates declining, you can secure revenues by offering your patients in-house membership plans. With Cloud Plans, members' dues are auto-deposited directly into your account.

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